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Torvald Östensson has from August 1st  2016 acquired all the shares in Umpac AB and owns the concern completely. Just in time for the 30th jubilee of Umpac there is instigated a new owner structure. Torvald comments-The jubilee will be expressed by a new graphic profile and that our company policy of delivering environmentally friendly, durable packaging is amplified in the future.

Umpac has a strong reputation within the packaging industry and will continue to develop its environmentally friendly products together with its customers. This is a very important factor in future strategies and development. We work towards a goal whereby all our products take a responsible roll in improving the environment. During this last year we have methodically improved our production methods and analysed which “partners” deliver to us raw materials and chemicals that are best within our environmental parameters. We have recently changed over to an electricity provider that produces electricity from renewable sources.

Our work with the environmental question is continual and because of this we are at the leading edge within our industry - as yet we cannot do everything but we can contribute to a large degree.

Brännland Cider

Published den 9 september 2016 10:43

Andreas Sundgren: (MD.Brännland cider) -We have had on going tests and discussions with Torvald Östensson and Alexander Mejer at Umpac during the last two years, and feel that we are now at the point in time where we can instigate production. A packaging must add integrity to the product, and in Umpac we have found a partner that is open to continually test different solutions.

Brännland Cider is releasing several products during the autumn, that require - or their value is underlined by an outer packaging.

I have difficulty imagining a partner with the same patience, to return to discussions about how to solve problems as Umpac. They have followed our thoughts and ideas and when necessary produced alternative demo-packaging until we have just the RIGHT ONE. We are extremely satisfied with their professionalism.

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