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Packing line from SOCO System

Published Tuesday, January 21, 2014 21:45
UMPAC AB have invested in a packing line from SOCO systems A/s- read the whole article on PDF here

Optimising solutions from SOCO system – Torvald Östensson – managing director for UMPAC AB


A complete packing line incorporating everything from automatic carton taping to robot stacking on pallets.

Umpac ab are based in Umeå in northern Sweden. They produce a varied and creative assortment of quality packaging for a wide array of branches.

Umpacs customers demand high quality, precision and logistics. The company’s focus is to always fulfil this demand. Umpac is in a continual state of expansion and development to keep abreast of customers ever changing needs. To ensure customer satisfaction Umpac work within guide lines as laid down by quality and environmental systems – ISO 9001 and ISO14001.

Doubled capacity without the need to employ more staff.

Capacity and productivity increased considerably with the new pack line. This created the possibility to a larger yearly turn over.

The new pack line has improved our working methods and uses superior ergonomics. This creates a working environment where the machine operators have ample time to maintain Umpacs high standards.

Packing line can install new jobs in just 5 minutes.

Umpac uses at present 12 different shipping cartons, so it is essential to minimise make ready times.

With fast make ready times can even small jobs be run in the pack line and use the advantages of the superior ergonomics it delivers.

Superior solutions from SOCO systems Cooperation between Umpac and SOCO systems project division has led to the creation of an effective pack line incorporating SOCO standard units. Through good communication between all concerned has success in integrating the pack line been achieved.

Complete systems manufactured and installed from SOCO
Because SOCO take care of all aspects of the project from idea to final installation of their own manufactured units. Problems are kept to a minimum and good integration guaranteed.
This also simplifies both service and purchase of reserve parts, reducing eventual stoppages

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