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New humidfiers

Published Tuesday, November 03, 2015 11:12
Torvald Östensson (md .Umpac) – Umpac has now commissioned its new humidifiers, which where delivered and installed by Munters of Sweden. It iwas important for us that both company and product lived up to the criteria we had decided on. Our choice was Munters humimax(HM3 series).

With its simplicity it ensures the correct humidity in our production environment despite the time of year or weather. This also improves air quality for our personnel. Umpac strives continually to improve for our customers and personnel.

Humimax manages the high standards required for food packaging production and is extremely energy conscious. It has reduced our energy consumption considerably compared to our earlier system.

We can highly recommend this system and you are welcome to see it in action at our factory at Formvägen 8 in Umeå. 

Torvald Östensson
VD/Umpac AB

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